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Daily Natural Skin Care Treatment

Considering the fact that most Americans consume a very unhealthy, nutrient poor diet, it’s no wonder that we are having so many skin problems. And those problems not only affect teenagers, but a lot of adults are having issues too.

Many women feel that their skin is aging faster than they would like it to, in spite of all the products they use on their faces.
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Diet and Natural Skin Care

chocolate cupcakesAs we get older, no one wants to get dry, wrinkled skin full of age spots. Most women don’t realize that most of the aging skin problems are life style related. Smoking or drinking alcohol will dry your skin and deprive it of all the necessary nutrients.… Continue reading »

Natural Skin Care Tips eBook

natural skin care tipsWhen it comes to skin care, there is an overwhelming amount of choices that are available on the market. Unfortunately, most of them are not the best choices for your skin or for your general health. With all the toxic chemicals and cheap fillers that manufacturers put into many cosmetics,… Continue reading »

Honey for Natural Skin Care Treatments

I often mention honey for natural skin care treatments, because it’s one of the best, natural ingredients found in nature. Many benefits of honey do not end in the kitchen. Most people don’t know that honey has antibacterial properties and works great on any scrapes and scratches.… Continue reading »

Natural Skin Care Tips for Acne Problems

Now days, acne is not considered only a teenage skin problem. A lot of adults also experience some break outs, which are often caused by stress and an unhealthy life style.… Continue reading »

Natural Skin Care Using Honey

Honey is one of the most versatile ingredients found in nature and it’s not just for the bees. It is well known for its culinary uses, but not many people know that you can achieve great results in natural skin care using honey. Raw honey has antibacterial properties and has been used widely in India by the Ayurvedic practitioners. You can use use it for all scrapes and scraches, for acne breakouts, but also to moisturize dry skin.… Continue reading »

Natural Skin Care Tips to Prevent Acne and Wrinkles

bottle of olive oilEven though acne and wrinkles may seem totally unrelated, taking care of your problem skin can be very similar. There is one ingredient that’s used in natural skin care that can help balance your skin, prevent overproduction of oil and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. That ingredient is olive oil. Continue reading »

Natural Skin Care Tips and Homemade Facial Recipes

facial maskI always love searching for new natural skin care tips and homemade facial recipes. You can really unleash your imagination when creating new facial masks. The possibilities are endless. Most ingredients you already have in your home and you may want to get a few basic things just to have available when needed. I always have some jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil or extra virgin olive oilContinue reading »