Honey for Natural Skin Care Treatments

I often mention honey for natural skin care treatments, because it’s one of the best, natural ingredients found in nature. Many benefits of honey do not end in the kitchen. Most people don’t know that honey has antibacterial properties and works great on any scrapes and scratches. It is very popular with the kids since it’s soothing and it doesn’t sting when applied to a “boo boo”. I often use it on chapped lips, but you need to resist the urge to lick it. Try applying it at night before going to bed and by the morning your lips will feel much better.

Honey can help keep that healthy glow of your skin

Although it is not something that is often done in today’s world, honey for skin treatments is something that has been known to work for thousands of years. Cleopatra and other legendary people of the ancient world are known to have used honey in their time as a way to preserve their beauty and grace. Many people usually mix the honey with milk to get the most out of this natural, homemade skin remedy.

Honey for skin beautification is something that is used by some skin care companies these days because they have learned about honey’s power and history. There are many different skin conditions that can be treated with honey as a main ingredient, but it can also be used to simply keep the skin’s young glow.

Most people think of honey as a sweetener for their food items, but this natural flavor can also be used to maintain your skin’s youthfulness.

Another benefit of honey for natural skin care treatments is in making homemade face masks. For oily and acne prone skin mix about a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of aloe vera and apply to your face and neck as a night time moisturizer. For mature or dry skin use a mix of honey and half & half cream. It works well because honey is also a great moisturizer.

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