Natural Remedies for Warts

Warts are a result of the common Veruca Vulgaris virus getting into your body and if you are unable to fight it off the virus can become visible through the skin eruptions known as warts. Sometimes the virus lies dormant in the body for months or years without any symptoms. Warts are a very common skin problem and they are also very contagious and are spread through touching and physical contact. Fortunately there are several natural remedies for warts.

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Warts can appear on the hands, feet, oral and genital areas. What we call “cold sores” on the lips are actually not warts but the natural remedy is similar for both. Although warts and cold sores may appear similar, these two skin problems are caused by different viruses.

 There are many doctors that would put chemicals on the warts to burn or fast freeze them away. There are many over the counter products that promise fast, pain free results as well but these are not acceptable solutions for many holistic minded people so what I will share with you are the best natural remedies for warts.

 The largest collection of natural remedies for warts that I found was the Chinese herbal remedies. There seem to be two types of treatments for skin problems, topical and internal. There were no less than ten different natural treatments including teas, pastes, soaks and even foods that were reported to work very well. No treatment is 100% effective all the time. These treatments were often complicated with herbs and techniques unknown to most people, if you choose this method please speak with an expert in Chinese medicine or you may do more harm.

 From there I discovered that other natural remedies for skin problems and warts were also effective and so simple that I want to pass them along.

  • Yogurt or acidophilus capsules. Take internally, but I suspect that external use may also be effective.
  • B6 Vitamin supplements – build up the immune system.
  • Zinc, a popular healing cream or supplement preferably with witch hazel, an antiseptic herb in it. Very helpful with diaper rash as well.
  • Tree Tea Oil or soap- A rather new remedy which works quite well. It is a natural disinfectant.
  • Raw garlic – Grind it up and make a paste – Dab it on. Cover with a band aid.
  • Lemon juice or Apple cider soaked on a Q-tip or cotton ball and then applied to the site and held on with a band aid. Do this over night to dissolve the warts. 

Children often get warts on their hands and feet, but you can avoid using harsh chemicals or painful procedures by trying one of these natural remedies for warts.

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