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Natural Face Masks Using Fresh Peaches!

sliced peachIf you’re a regualar at my site, you know that I often mention the benefits of including plenty of fresh fruits in your diet. But did you know that many fruits are also great when used topically?
Peaches are one of those fruits that will be beneficial even when applied directly to your skin. Here are some great face masks using fresh peaches that will help eliminate many different skin problems.… Continue reading »

Daily Natural Skin Care Treatment

Considering the fact that most Americans consume a very unhealthy, nutrient poor diet, it’s no wonder that we are having so many skin problems. And those problems not only affect teenagers, but a lot of adults are having issues too.

Many women feel that their skin is aging faster than they would like it to, in spite of all the products they use on their faces.
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True Beauty from Nature

In different parts of the world women have different secrets to keep their skin looking young, smooth and supple. And they all come from Nature. You don’t need expensive cosmetics that are full of harsh chemicals to take care of your skin. See what Dr. Sears recommends and what to stay away from.

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Natural Anti-aging Therapy Solutions

As I was searching for a new way to reduce and prevent wrinkles, I came across this article. We all know about the benefits of Acupuncture for different health problems, but Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture as a natural skin care? Sounds very intriguing and promissing… … Continue reading »

Top 5 Myths about Skin Care

Let’s face it, very woman desires to keep beautiful, young looking skin for as long as she can. Unfortunately, there are many products on the market that are full of promises, but lack real results. Tara Smith, a board-certified nurse practitioner, discusses top 5 myths about skin care that include some of the new trends and fads that the companies are trying to promote.… Continue reading »

Natural Hair Care Tips for a New Level of Luster

I love coconut oil! I don’t know about you, but the more I read about it, the more benefits I find. Who doesn’t want to learn natural hair care tips for adding a new level of luster to their hair? Especially if you have long hair, using a natural treatment to make your hair less frizzy and more shinny is my first choice. Now, make sure that you get organic extra virgin coconut oil for the best benefits. I use it as a moisturizer on my skin, as a hair conditioner and of course in making great raw desserts… Continue reading »

Natural Skin Care Tips to Achieve a Pure Spring Body

Are you fed up with your skin care routine that doesn’t achieve desired results? I don’t blame you. I tried all kinds of products over the years only to learn that they are a waste of money and they don’t work. So instead of searching for products I began my search for information that would help me create my own products that are natural and effective. Here are 3 natural skin care tips to achieve a pure spring body and get your skin ready for the summer.… Continue reading »

Natural Skin Care to Look 21 Again

Are you looking for natural skin care products to look 21 again? You might’ve found something that will help bring back your youthful look and that college glow. It is very important to provide your skin with everything it needs to stay healthy and beautiful. Healthy diet is always the most important aspect of our health and beauty, but using some natural products can help rejuvenate your skin and keep it supple… Continue reading »