Natural Skin Care Tips to Prevent Acne and Wrinkles

Even though acne and wrinkles may seem totally unrelated, taking care of your problem skin can be very similar. There is one ingredient that’s used in natural skin care that can help balance your skin, prevent overproduction of oil and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. That ingredient is olive oil.

In the case of acne problems and oily skin, proper moisturizing is just as important as regular cleansing. But I would not recommend commercial moisturizing lotions or creams. There are natural alternatives. Keep reading to learn more about natural skin care tips to prevent acne and wrinkles.

Olive oil can be beneficial in natural skin care

Towards the end of your 20s into your early 30s, you might start to see some more “lines” around your face and you may start to think about some natural wrinkle remedies you can try. I’m talking about those laughter lines of course, as well as the other fine lines you get on the other parts of your face like around your eyes. I know, they totally stink. And of course there are always the blemishes like pimples, blackheads, and zits that drive us crazy! We want nice skin, why does it have to be so hard sometimes?

Commercial options can get expensive after buying them month after month. And many of the commercial products you buy claim that you need to get rid of the oil completely from your face to avoid any imperfections like blackheads and pimples. Oftentimes you will bring your skin to a worse condition by constantly “cutting out the grease”.

Mainstream skin care products will actually strip out the vital oil from the skin, leaving the largest organ in the body to repair itself by frantically trying to replace that oil. If you have ever experienced this before, you know what I mean. The product leaves your skin tight and dry, then soon enough your face is very oily all over again! This is because the skin will over-compensate for the lack of any moisture and really turn on the oil machine!

Olive oil also has many health benefits when consumed regularly, but not when used in high temperature cooking. Most oils are very unstable when heated and can change its characteristics. Oils that are healthy at room temperature can become unhealthy when heated above certain temperatures. So avoid frying and consuming processed foods and your body will be healthier for it. Also use the above natural skin care tips to prevent acne and wrinkles.

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