Psoriasis Triggers: What You Can Do About Them!

Genetic Susceptibility

Medical scientists feel strongly that there is a genetic link to the development of psoriasis, but at this time, no specific gene has been identified. Based on the research I have done, there’s no question about it.  Psoriasis runs in families!

Psoriasis Symptoms

Psoriasis on arms and back (Image from Wikipedia)

The most common symptom is the appearance of scaly patches of skin. Usually red and inflamed looking, some types of psoriasis will develop big patches of white and silvery scales that look like dandruff — but with bigger scales. Fingers and toenails can have silver-white patches .

Overactive Immune System

Even though the actual cause of psoriasis is not yet known, the mechanism that creates the scaly patches of skin is clear.  Your immune system gets out of balance, and produces too much replacement skin too quickly.  This causes a buildup of skin cells, which in turn results in the scaly patches that are known as psoriasis.


Psoriasis on an arm (Image from Wikipedia)

Psoriasis Triggers

Psoriasis triggers do not cause your skin problems.  As I mentioned, the cause of psoriasis in unknown.  Your triggers activate the skin condition.  When you identify what triggers your skin to flare up into an attack of psoriasis, then you can take steps to eliminate whatever is triggering your condition.  This will allow you to manage your psoriasis.

 Skin Injury

People often first develop psoriasis right at the place where an injury occurs.  An operation can be an injury trigger, or a sharp blow, or a place that gets rubbed too hard.  There is a theory that psoriasis flares up on knees and elbows because they are most likely to be bumped and hit.

Cold Weather

If you have skin outbreaks during the winter, it is likely that cold weather is a psoriasis trigger for you.  So keep bundled up and keep all the scaly parts warm.  There is also a feeling that lower humidity in the winter can be a trigger. Consider keeping your house at a higher humidity if your skin is worse in the winter.


Increased stress is a trigger for almost every skin problem. Stress is well-documented to cause an increase in cortisone in your body, and elevate the inflammation all through vulnerable areas in your body.  It is especially important for you to learn stress management techniques because of what I call The Skin-Stress Loop.
Psoriasis causes stress which causes psoriasis which causes stress – and so on!

Learn meditation, or yoga, or some stress-releasing exercise that you enjoy.  You will feel better, and your skin will be healthier.

Smoking & Alcohol

 Alcohol and smoking are powerful triggers that cause an inflammation response in your body. Continued use of tobacco and alcohol make treatment of psoriasis very difficult.  A glass of red wine on Saturday night, or the occasional puff on a cigarette might be Ok, but heavy use is going to make managing your skin problem almost impossible.

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