Preventing and Treating Age Spots

Age spots are the discolorations of the skin that develop from about the age of 40 onwards and range from light brown to very dark.  These skin problems are also known as liver spots.  A standard, processed food diet is low in nutrients and antioxidants that protect our skin from the UV rays.  Also, consuming a lot of cooked foods causes a buildup of toxins and waste material in different parts of the body. Some of these toxins and wastes accumulate in the skin as pigment called lipofuscin, causing skin problems known as age spots.  This cellular damage can be made worse by excessive sun exposure.

These skin problems are for the most part, preventable. Eating a healthy diet, rich in raw, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds will provide your body with all the nutrients necessary to prevent the free radical damage and toxin build up in your skin. It is very important to eat your food in its natural, mostly uncooked state to preserve all the nutrients and enzymes that are present in food.

Preventing sunburn and excessive sun exposure is very important especially if you are fair skinned. Staying out of the sun during peak hours between 11am and 3pm will help prevent sunburn, but make sure that you get enough UV rays exposure to stimulate vitamin D production which enhances your immune system, prevents cancer and improves overall health.  If you burn easily and are planning a long day at the beach you can use a natural sunscreen containing zinc oxide, but you can also wear a large rim hat and a t-shirt. To prevent dry skin problems it is best to apply some coconut oil or Aloe Vera gel to your skin.

If you are already experiencing skin problems like age spots and would like to know if you can get rid of them, there are different ways you can try. The best way to repair cellular damage is cleansing the body of accumulated toxins by increasing the intake of antioxidant rich foods. There are also some natural topical remedies that can be effective.

Here’s an old recipe that has been around for a long time and really works to lighten age spots:

Mix together 1 teaspoon grated horseradish root, 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon vinegar, and 3 drops rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis). This mixture will exfoliate the top layer of your skin.

Dab it onto your age spots with a cotton swab once or twice a day. The citrus helps lighten the color of the spots.  Try it to see if it helps with your skin problems.

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