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Considering the fact that most Americans consume a very unhealthy, nutrient poor diet, it’s no wonder that we are having so many skin problems. And those problems not only affect teenagers, but a lot of adults are having issues too.

Many women feel that their skin is aging faster than they would like it to, in spite of all the products they use on their faces. Dr. Mercola in his article below, brings up an important point. The health of our skin depends on the health of our bodies. So, if you are trying to keep your skin looking young, blemish and wrinkle free, then you need to stay away from sugar and grains that easily turn to sugar in your body. Those items will make your skin age faster! Keep reading to see what he recommends as a daily natural skin care treatment.

With less-than-desirable skin affecting about 85 percent of Americans at some time in their lives, it’s little wonder why it’s one area where people are looking for a solution.

Just go on the Internet and you’ll find thousands and thousands of hits for the latest “miracle treatments.”

I’m okay with some of the topical approaches, but…

Are You Being Misguided and Deceived?

baby with veggies

Many so-called experts will tell you that diet has nothing to do with the condition of your skin. It’s become more and more apparent to me that this is very poor advice…

What most so-called experts will tell you is that diet has nothing to do with your skin. Well, I believe it has become more and more apparent that your diet has everything to do with it.

And research suggests that grains and sugars are two of the primary reasons why many suffer from sensitive skin.

So the obvious question is… why don’t experts typically tell you that diet can have a major influence on the condition of your skin?

The bottom line… no one is going to get rich from advising you to eat a smart diet to enhance the look of your skin… except YOU, when you decide to stop throwing your money away on expensive products that rarely, if ever, work.

So, what can you do to potentially improve your skin? Let’s start with my…

13 Natural Strategies to Improve Your Skin

When looking for ways to help you get healthier-looking skin, I strongly believe it’s important to focus on the underlying reasons which can contribute to less-than-desirable skin.

To that end, the chart below outlines my natural strategies for helping you do just that. Some of the strategies will require a bit more detail… which I’ll get into later on.

Natural Strategies for Healthier-Looking Skin…

  1. Avoid eating grain carbohydrates, especially wheat –  wheat Bread, cereal, pasta, rice, potatoes, and corn can cause surges in insulin production. Instead, eat vegetable carbs because your body can typically digest them more easily. This is true even for whole grains.
  2. Consider a gluten-free diet – Particularly if you suffer from gluten intolerance, a gluten-free diet can potentially help you avoid toxins being pushed through your skin due to the intolerance.
  3. Eliminate/Reduce sugar in your diet – Like grains, sugar (particularly refined sugar) causes an insulin spike which can lead to less-than-desirable skin.
  4. Establish the proper balance of gut bacteria – Eating fermented foods and/or taking a high-quality probiotic supplement can promote a healthy balance of gut flora and support your immune system.
  5. Drink plenty of fresh pure water – Hydrating your body facilitates cell growth and regeneration, elimination of wastes, and helps remove dead skin cells. Hydration can enhance your skin tone as well.
  6. Choose raw milk over pasteurized – Better yet, due to the iodine found even in raw milk, it may be best to temporarily eliminate all milk in the interest of healthier-looking skin.
  7. Eliminate ALL sodas, juice, and energy drinks – These drinks are often loaded with sugar, artificial flavoring, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and artificial colors (dyes). As far as juices, eat the fruit in moderation instead.
  8. Eat for your Nutritional Type (NT) – Knowing your NT will help you determine the ideal amount of carbohydrates you should be eating and help you fine-tune each meal to just what’s right for you.
  9. Optimize your vitamin D levels – Vitamin D is crucial for establishing a healthy immune system and to help promote healthy-looking skin.
  10. Reduce your stress – Research suggests that changes in skin often correlate with increased stress.
  11. Exercise regularly – Getting plenty of high-intensity exercise helps your body flush out toxins, including those in the pores of your skin. The more you sweat, the more you flush unwanted contaminants out of your pores.
  12. Get a good night’s rest – Your body’s time for rejuvenating is at night while you sleep. And this applies to your skin as well, as it can help promote a cleaner, clearer complexion.
  13. Naturally cleanse and moisturize your skin – Avoid toxic skin care products with risky chemical ingredients. They can cause more skin problems than they solve.

 It may seem like a lot of changes at first and it may not be easy, especially if you’re a sugar addict, but if you approach it step by step and slowly, but persistently work on improving your diet, you will see results soon. And this is not only part your daily natural skin care treatment. This approach will also help improve your health and maintain a healthy body weight.

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