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Welcome!  It’s Zaria Anders here. I am a medical researcher and this website’s editor. My passion is nutrition, healthy living and natural cures for various skin problems. I try to add new articles and posts to this website every day by searching the internet for the latest news about natural skin care.  I try to cover a variety of topics related to skin problems and care.   

I believe that most skin problems are caused by unhealthy lifestyles including our nutrient-poor diet, stress, lack of exercise and sleep. The only way to improve or eliminate skin problems is by removing their causes. With all the confusing information out there, unfortunatelly most of us don’t know what the real causes are. This is where my knowledge and experience come in to help you separate useless information from the best solutions to your skin problems.

I encourage you to leave me your comments or any questions you might have about the natural skin care. You can also suggest a topic related to skin care that you would like me to research. I’ll be glad to help.  Enjoy and come back often!

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