Juicing Tips for Natural Skin Care

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and needs proper nourishment. Getting plenty fruits and vegetables in our diet is not only beneficial for our health, but also for our looks. Healthy, fit body is reflected in our appearance, especially our skin. Unfortunately in our fast-paced life we don’t always eat what’s right for our bodies. Well, there is an easy way to get all your nutrients through juicing. It does take time to make fresh juice, but if you get organized it can be easily done and is well woth it. Here are some juicing tips for healthy body as part of natural skin care. Juicing vegetables, especially leafy greens, is an excellent way to get all your nutrients in one glass of juice. Try the different vegetable and fruit combinations to see which ones you like best. Don’t overdo it with fruits as the natural sugars add up too. Always mix with vegetable juices.

We all know that regular eating of fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease and cancer. We know we are supposed to but yet most people have a hard time meeting their recommend daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Making fresh juice is an easy and tasty way to help meet your daily requirement of fruits and vegetables.

To be perfectly clear, when we say “juice” we are talking about rich mixtures of fresh fruits, vegetables, and even herbs.. We are not talking about the sugar sweetened watery essencesï¾  of apples, cranberries, or grapes that come in bottles or cans. The latter, explains Joan Carter, R.D., a Houston-based spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, are mostly sugar and water and contain few of the vitamins, minerals, and fiber you get from eating the actual fruit. “But fresh juices, squeezed in such a way that you get most of the pulp, are rich in nutrients, including soluble fiber, which lowers blood cholesterol,” she says. “They give you a much bigger nutritional bang for your buck.”

The juice recipes here, each of which combines a range of flavors, make meeting your recommended daily requirements a pleasurable task. They are seasonal juices, meaning that they call for ingredients found fresh at a particular time of year. The juices can be made in a juicer but if you don’t have one, a regular blender will do.

Because they’re so quick and easy to prepare, the juices make a perfect snack when you are on the go. But they are also quite a nice treat so you just might want to take a break, kick back and savor them instead.

Each recipe makes approximately one 12-ounce serving. If you are using a juicer, cut large ingredients into chunks and adhere to the directions provided with your machine. If you are using a blender, cut ingredients into one-inch chunks.

Fresh fruits and vegetables also make great face masks. All the vitamins and enzymes are great for your skin too and can be applied externally. Take about a table spoon of your carrot pulp, add a tespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of honey. Mix all together and you have a great scrub for your face. Try these juicing tips as part of your natural skin care and see how your health and appearance improve.

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