Natural Care Tips for Beautiful Eyebrows

Eyebrows to our eyes are like curtains to a window. They can really make a difference in the way our face looks. Unfortunately not many of us are born with perfect eyebrows and may need some help to get the right shape. Even though the first time I would recommend getting it done professionally, after you achieve the right shape you may want to try eyebrow threading to keep them groomed. With a few natural care tips you can have beautiful eyebrows.

I’m glad to see “bold eyebrows” are back in style. I’ve never enjoyed plucking… or having burning hot wax poured onto my face. But even with fuller brows, many women still want some shaping or grooming every now and then.

Some clients have asked me about laser hair removal. While this is a good permanent solution, it can only be used to treat the area above the brow. Treating the area below is risky because it’s too close to the eye. As a result, many reputable cosmetic centers no longer offer or recommend this treatment.

That could be why a practice called eyebrow threading is gaining popularity.

It might sound a little strange if you’ve never seen it done. But you’ll be happy to know “eyebrow threading” has nothing to do with needles, so don’t let the name fool you.

It may be newly popular, but eyebrow threading is not new. It’s an ancient hair removal practice that’s common in India, China, Egypt and the Middle East.

The practitioner uses a pure, twisted cotton thread — and nothing else. There are no sharp instruments or chemicals involved.

Sometimes one end of the thread is anchored around the technician’s fingers, other times it is anchored in her mouth. (It’s important to know that this end of the thread will never touch your skin.) The other end is looped around the unwanted hair. A series of quick movements remove the hair at the root. Sessions can last anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes.

Unlike plucking, multiple hairs can be removed at a time, allowing for more precise eyebrow shaping. And unlike waxing, there’s no risk of burns.

As always a healthy diet will provide nutrients to support a natural hair growth for beautiful eyebrows. Keep in mind that if you’re having problems growing eyebrows, it’s one of the symptoms of thyroid problems so you may want to get that checked out. Enjoy these natural care tips for beautiful eyebrows.

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