Natural Skin and Hair Care Tips

When it comes to natural skin and hair care tips I think we all can agree that most women from India share a secret to thick, shinny hair and a beautiful skin. I know a lot of it may have to do with genetics, but it can’t be all. I always wondered what their secret was and so one day I decided ask my coworker who’s originally from India. She told me that their secret was coconut oil. That answer didn’t surprise me since I know about many benefits of coconut oil, when it comes to natural skin and hair care.

Extra virgin coconut oil can be a great night time moisturizer, especially for mature skin, but it also works well for any skin type. Since it has anti bacterial properties, it will even improve acne prone skin. You can mix a teaspoon of melted oil with a teaspoon of honey for a combined benefit.

Keep reading to learn how an actress, Zoa Morani, takes care of her skin and hair to look beautiful every day.

Since I have a busy schedule, I do not have an intense beauty regime. I just stick to the basics. Moisturising my skin is the most critical part of my skin care regime and I make sure I moisturise my skin daily. I prefer using natural moisturisers rather than something laden with chemicals. I like products that get absorbed right into my skin and give me long lasting softness.

Mane point

I really like to keep my hair simple, straight and open during the red carpet. A no-fuss look is what always works for me. But I make sure my hair is healthy and thick to be able to carry off the look. The hair care mantra which always works for me is a deep conditioning massage with coconut oil, which seeps deep into the scalp to keep it nourished and strong. It is the best thing I can do to get my desired look of open, flowing hair that looks healthy yet beautiful.

Makeup mantra for the day and the night

Even though I enjoy wearing make up, I generally tend to keep it quite simple for day and night. Maybe, a dash of dramatic eyes and lips for the night if the occasion demands it.

Another way to take care of your hair is to use coconut milk on it as a night time conditioner. Simply rub some coconut milk on your hair and scalp and cover with a shower cap or a plastic bag. Leave on overnight. Wash and style as usual in the morning. You can get some great organic coconut milk at most grocery stores now days.

Do you have any natural skin and hair care tips or remedies? You can share them below in the comments.

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