True Beauty from Nature

In different parts of the world women have different secrets to keep their skin looking young, smooth and supple. And they all come from Nature. You don’t need expensive cosmetics that are full of harsh chemicals to take care of your skin. See what Dr. Sears recommends and what to stay away from.

Nature provides everything you need to maintain smooth, young-looking skin. In South Africa, the women have absolutely gorgeous skin thanks to a mountain shrub called roobios. In the Andes, where women who are exposed to intense sun, they have remarkably smooth and supple skin.

These women use a secret they learned from vineyard workers. I’ve brought many of these discoveries back with me to my practice. I’ve never been disappointed. And neither have the many patients who’ve benefitted from these discoveries.

But it never fails … some people think they can improve on nature.

For example, marketers hype “galvanic skincare devices” that supposedly give you a non-surgical “facelift” with low-voltage electrical current.

And the latest fad – radio frequency (RF) “energy” – that supposedly heats the deeper layers of the skin. But that “energy” is radiation. Radiation that’s very similar to microwaves and X-rays.

The galvanic devices have been thoroughly debunked. And I’m not comfortable with unnecessary radiation at any level. So how do you get gorgeous skin without the risks? Look to nature.

You can try these ingredients above to see if they work for you. Dr. Sears offers his own line of natural cosmetics called Pure Radiance that include all of the ingredients mentioned above. Check them out and see you would like to try anything. My favorite is the CoQ-Tone. I use it every day.

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