Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care: The peat body wrap

After a long and stressful day at work, we all deserve a nice spa treatment. You may want to put some money away every week and then treat yourself to a day at the spa at the end of the month. It will make you feel better than sitting in front of TV with a bowl of ice cream or a bag of chips. Below is some info about an anti-aging natural skin care treatment – the peat body wrap – offered by a Spirit Spa in Dublin. It’s great for skin complaints like eczema and acne as well as the dreaded cellulite.

But, if you don’t want to fly to Ireland for a relaxing body wrap, you may try to find something local, but always make sure that they are using natural, chemical free ingredients.

the Taj Spa

Peat is also hypo-allergenic and a natural anti-inflammatory meaning it’s the perfect treatment for skin suffering from minor burns, scars and allergies. Best give yourself an hour for this one. A treatment of contrasts. Far from being the smelly mud-fest I had dreaded, the combination of mud, essential oils and massage were seriously relaxing while the use of the hot and cold volcanic stones left me really invigorated.

The treatment is seriously anti-aging. As peat is such a rich source of minerals like iron, zinc, copper and magnesium it has excellent moisture retaining qualities which help to firm up the skin and improve elasticity.

Any downsides?

You may be a little red afterwards ! As the peat and the heat work to boost circulation, areas of skin prone to lymph blockages will be red following the treatment. Especially if your system is run down or a little sluggish.

If the money is a little tight these days, you can always enjoy an anti-aging natural skin care spa treatment at home. Set aside at least an hour for yourself and take a nice, relaxing bath. Add a few drops of essential oils, depending on what mood you’re in (I like some relaxing lavender). Before you get in, do a dry bath first to remove the dead skin. Simply scrub your body with a dry brush or a loofah first and then soak in the bath. After you get out and dry your skin, rub some coconut oil all over your body, for a nice self massage. Enjoy yourself!

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