Natural Skin Care Diet Tips: How Sugar Causes Wrinkles

My sugar addiction started early in my childhood. My grandmother used to make the best sugar cookies, they were out of this world. Then came my love for chocolate, I could eat it every day. Unfortunately, when my teenage years came, really bad acne came with it. This was before the computer times and the internet so I would just hide my face under long hair since I didn’t know what to do. Sugar addiction is probably one of the worst addictions to get rid of since sugar is in everything.

Once I turned 20, I started reading some books and improved my diet. I started adding lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet with some nuts and seeds. I also eliminated most of the processed foods and that’s when my acne improved and I lost some weight. Unfortunately, my love for sugar was still there.

Now, I’m starting to see the effects of sugar on my face again, this time in the form of wrinkles. The more research I do for the natural skin care diet tips, the more I realize that there is only one way to improve your skin. No matter what skin problems you’re having, you need to eliminate sugar and all processed foods. Keep reading to learn more about problems with high glycemic index diet.

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As a result of observing accelerated ageing in people with diabetes, doctors came to understand the negative effects of sugar on our health. Inflammation caused by glycation is now known to be associated with many serious diseases including Alzheimer’s, cancer, vein problems and heart conditions. While the role of AGEs in life-threatening conditions like cancer is a major concern none of us wants to look older than we are. In fact skin is particularly at risk from glycation. One of the proteins most prone to damage from sugar molecules is collagen _ the skin’s essential support structure.

According to Nicholas V. Perricone, MD: “Eating sugary and starchy foods shows up on the skin as a loss of radiance, dark circles under the eyes, the loss of tone, puffiness, an increase in fine lines and wrinkles, the loss of facial contours and increased pore size. These foods can also exacerbate acne, which is a systemic, inflammatory disease. I am not exaggerating when I say that sugar can rob you of your youth, health, and beauty.” AGEs affect healthy skin in two main ways _ firstly they reduce the power of collagen to rebuild the skin’s structure, and second they increase the rate at which collagen breaks down naturally. Since collagen breakdown increases with age anyway, glycation affects our skin more as we age.

The result is a greater increase in wrinkling, and crepe-like skin. Glycation also robs the skin of its natural moisturiser – hyaluronic acid – resulting in greater dryness and sagging. Glycation also makes the effects of smoking, alcohol and sun damage much worse.

If you’re looking for the best way to get rid of wrinkles, natural skin care diet tips are your best solution to regain beautiful, healthy skin.

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