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This article has a very good point about many products claiming to use natural ingredients, but most of them contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your skin. It happens because there is no controlled regulations when it comes to cosmetics. Some companies use different names for certain ingredients to disguise the toxic chemicals. The general rule of thumb should be if you are not familiar with the ingredients, don’t buy it.

When it comes to natural skin care tips, I agree that certain ingredients cannot be extracted at home to ensure maximum penetration and effectiveness. Using natural skin care you can at least be sure that you’re not harming your skin. Even natural ingredients when over-processed can become harmful to our skin. The word “natural” only means that it comes from nature. We all know that not everything found in nature can be used on our skin.


flower essence It aggravates me sometimes to read what many are calling natural skin care tips these days, because the advice rarely contains any suggestions involving the use of products that are actually organic. Certainly there are articles which advise the use of homegrown or organically grown natural substances, but the truth is these are not the right components for using to treat your skin. Let me explain to you why that is.

Substances you would buy at your local organic market will not have the positive affect on your skin that correctly prepared natural substances will. Most truly effective natural components are actually lipid fractions, extracts, or molecularly modified compounds.


If you choose to use commercially produced cosmetics, make sure that they are 100% organic and contain only the best, natural ingredients that have been tested to be beneficial for your skin. Dr. Sears offers a full line of natural products that he designed with skin care in mind. Click here to see a full list of Pure Radiance products.

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