Natural Skin Care for a Beautiful Skin

There can be many reasons for your skin problems. Most of the time they are related to stress or an unhealthy diet. It is very important to address both issues if you are experiencing skin problems such as eczema, acne or psoriasis.

One thing to consider when using natural skin care for a beautiful skin is to do some kind of relaxation exercises daily to help relieve stress in your life. Try some yoga, Tai Chi or even a brisk walk will stimulate serotonin release which is the feel-good hormone. Another way could be through a daily meditation. It doesn’t have to be long, even just a few minutes of clearing your mind can do wonders for your mood and stress level.
Another reason for skin problems, that I always mention, is food allergies or sensivities. If you are serious about permanently eliminating your skin problems, you need to evaluate your diet and pinpoint what could be triggering your eczema, acne or psoriasis. Eliminating trigger foods from your diet is the first step towards a healthier life. 

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Frankly, I used to be a sitting duck when it came to skin problems. My love affair with makeup began at an early age. I was keen on being perfect (big job for a 13-year-old). I can clearly remember the day I had to halt my daily beauty regimen when I woke up covered head to toe in little red dots! They would soon grow into a full-fledged case of psoriasis. This was a bittersweet disease as it took me on a journey that would shape my life forever. 

After some very painful and embarrassing years of hiding my skin and using extremely toxic remedies such as harsh cortisones and tar (yes, tar), I found Eileen Poole. She was an inspiration for me; a famous “psychic nutritionist” who put me on a diet of very specific foods. Eileen told me that skin disease is “a cancer releasing outside the body and not inside.” She told me I was lucky and that I should think of myself as blessed. Holy crap, really? I was only a child but her words resonated somewhere in my young mind.
I did not realize the gift Eileen had given me at the time, but her words have been a guidepost for me throughout the years. Now, whenever I get even the smallest outbreak I know I am not in balance, and instead of hitting the cortisone, I need to hit the yoga mat.
As part of my daily exercise routine, I like to use Dr. Sears’ PACE 2  program. Whether you are trying to improve your health, your skin or even loose some weight, PACE 2 program will help you achieve those goals.

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