Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care Secret from the Ocean’s Depths

When it comes to anti-aging natural skin care secrets, we can learn a lot from mother nature. There are many natural ingredients that are great for taking care of our skin. One of the newer ingredients is squalane. It’s a type of fat found in almost every cell of your body, especially skin cells. It was discovered that squalene (an unstable form of squalane) can be found in the deep-water sharks’ liver. Since it’s an unstable form and sharks enjoy swimming freely, scientists found a way to make it more stable. Also a better source of squlalane was discovered which are olives. Read on to learn more about the anti-aging benefits of squalane in a great article by Dr. Sears’ associate, Tara Smith.

I live near the Florida coast, the shark attack capital of the world. But even here, you’re probably more likely to be struck by lightning than bitten by a shark. In other words, our fear of sharks doesn’t make much sense. And it’s too bad we’re so frightened of sharks. Because they have a lot to teach us about health and beauty. Take shark cartilage for instance. It’s been proven to help protect joint tissue from arthritic breakdown.1 And now we’ve discovered an old fishermen’s cure-all may be one of the most important anti-aging breakthroughs in decades. Shark liver oil comes from sharks that swim in cold, deep waters – even down to 3,000 feet, where light doesn’t penetrate. At those depths, the pressure is intense and most sharks can’t survive.

But deep-water sharks have a substance in their liver that helps them survive in such harsh conditions. It’s a type of fat called squalene.

Squalene is also found in almost every cell of your body. Especially your skin cells. Sebum – your body’s natural skin lubricant and conditioner – is rich in squalene.

As it turns out, squalene has tremendous hydrating and moisturizing abilities, too… along with other anti-aging properties. And because it’s already naturally in and on your skin, squalene is safe and gentle.

But squalene doesn’t have a long shelf life and deep-water sharks are in short supply. So taking advantage of squalene’s benefits has been expensive. Until recently.

First, scientists discovered that squalene can be naturally stabilized. The result is squalane (with an “a”). Squalane has all of squalene’s benefits… plus, it remains stable for a long time. And new technology has opened up another, renewable source of squalane: olives.

Now the anti-aging benefits of squalene – once out of reach for most women – are available to everyone. And that’s great news, because squalane may be one of your most powerful allies in your fight against the effects of aging.

Squalane doesn’t act like a typical fat. Most fats oxidize easily. That is, they’re easily damaged by free radicals. But squalane resists oxidation. But it goes further. It acts as a powerful antioxidant on your skin. Studies have shown it’s as powerful as BHT, an antioxidant chemical used in many cosmetics.2

Squalane is so effective, the Academy of Anti-Aging Research reports it can even help restore smoothness to skin that’s been damaged by frequent detergent use or sunburn.3

And that’s not all. Squalane helps strengthen your skin’s ability to hold in moisture by forming a barrier on your skin. It absorbs deeply into your skin to promote flexibility and suppleness.4 French researchers also report it can help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.5

In other words, if you wanted to invent a perfect anti-aging cream for your skin, you’d invent something very much like squalane.

Squalane is already being used in some sunscreen products and acne creams… as well as in vaccines. With so many anti-aging properties, you can expect to see it cropping up in more products  soon.

But beware. Some products contain very little squalane – as little as 1/10th of 1%. I doubt you’ll get much benefit from such tiny amounts. Be sure to read labels carefully before you buy. Ingredients are listed on product labels in the order of what it includes the most of, so be sure squalane is one of the first items listed.

Best Wishes for Health and Beauty,

Tara Smith, ARNP, NP-C

One of the anti-aging natural skin care secrets is a new anti-wrinkle cream developed by Dr. Sears and his associates, called Revive . It’s main ingredient is squalane. You can learn more about Revive here .

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