Natural Skin Care Tips for Preventing Cancer

Are you concerned about skin cancer? Well, you shouldn’t be, as long as you follow natural skin care tips for preventing cancer. And it’s not what you think… I will not tell you to apply sunscreen every time you go outside and reapply every couple of hours. That is not a way to prevent cancer. Dr. Sears has a different opinion that’s based on more than 200 studies. They all prove that avoiding sunlight is the biggest mistake you could make. Read on to learn how to prevent skin cancer and strengthen your immune system the natural way.

For years, everyone’s warned you about the sun. They spin tales of fried skin, growing old before your time and horrible cancers. The sun, they say, is your worst enemy. But this is junk science at its worst. You need sunlight for good health. More than 200 studies prove that avoiding sunlight is one of the biggest medical mistakes of the last half-century. Here are just a few of the ways sunshine can improve the quality of your life…

– Sunshine promotes stronger bones. So you can enjoy all your favorite activities – even into your 90’s or beyond.

– Stop worrying so much about sniffles, sore throats and other seasonal complaints. Sunshine helps strengthen your immune system.

– A healthy heart helps you stay active. Getting more sun can lower your risk of heart disease.

Plus, sun exposure can help cut your risk of 17 kinds of cancer.

So, how does sunshine do all this for you?

How Sunshine Works Its Magic

Sunshine’s secret is vitamin D. For most of human history, sunlight has been our major source of this critical vitamin. And vitamin D is so important that nearly every cell in your body has vitamin D receptors.

If you have a fair skin and burn easily, make sure that you don’t over do it especially on the first day. You need to build your tan gradually which will allow you to stay in the sun longer without getting a sunburn. Darkening of the skin when exposed to the sun is our natural way of protecting the skin from too many UV rays. So follow these natural skin care tips for preventing cancer and you will enjoy good health for years to come.

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