New Research in Natural Skin Care Products

When it comes to skin care products most of us would like to use ingredients that are as natural as possible that are also beneficial for our skin. In order to know what it that you are getting in your natural skin care products, you need to educate yourself about what certain ingredients mean. Since most of us are not chemists, it might be difficult for us to know what some of those long and complicated names mean. Some of them are actually chemical names for natural ingredients and combining them in the right proportion can enhance their effect on our skin.

Read on to become an educated consumer of the natural skin care products. It’s also important to know what to avoid since some companies use the term “natural” freely even if the product contains toxic chemicals.


Recent research has shown that if you combine or manipulate certain natural ingredients, they can enhance each other’s performance in a synergistic way, providing beneficial and effective results.

Some words of caution: Because the cosmetic industry is self-regulated, cosmetic companies can make organic and natural claims without certification. Also, it is interesting to note that when it comes to organic cosmeceuticals, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not consider the term “cosmeceutical” to be a valid product class. It is a term coined by the cosmetic industry applied to products that are said to bridge the gap between cosmetics and drugs. The term cosmeceutical often is used in cosmetic advertising and may be misleading.[…]

However, ask any natural skin care chemist how these trends have affected their daily routine, and they will say it’s a tough job. It’s difficult to maintain natural or organic standards—as upheld by organizations such as the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) or Ecocert—and also make sure a formula is silky smooth, neutral or pleasantly scented, neutral or pleasantly colored, pleasantly textured, easy to absorb, nonoily/nongreasy, noncomedogenic, nonallergenic, hydrating, fair trade, eco-friendly, with a reasonable shelf life and, last but not least, just as effective as a conventional product, or better.

You can also make your own natural skin care products using ingredients found in your kitchen. This website is full of tips, recipes and suggestions for taking care of your skin the natural way as we enjoy searching the web to bring you only the best information available. Just click on the different categories to learn about natural skin care.

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