Natural Skin Care Tips for Acne Free Life

Acne has become a very common skin problem that affects many people of different ages, not just teenagers. It is a modern disease and it has been confirmed that it’s closely related to the modern Western diet, high in processed foods, sugar and grains.

Australian researchers have proven that a low glycemic diet can help improve acne in just 12 weeks or less. It is important to eliminate all processed foods, hydrogenated oils, sugars and grains from your diet. Include plenty of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, some nuts and seeds daily and you will see improvement in your skin problems as well as your general health.

Acne is usually considered a teenage problem. But did you know about 40 percent of men still fight acne after their 25th birthday? And more than one out of every 10 women is still battling pimples well into middle age! But that wasn’t always the case. Acne is a modern disease. In fact, if you look at cultures that haven’t adopted the modern Western diet, acne is virtually unknown.

Our ancestors didn’t eat the way we do. They hunted for meat and gathered edible plants and nuts in season. Processed foods and grains weren’t a part of their diet. And cultures that follow our ancestors’ diet today don’t have an acne problem.

In a study of two traditional hunter-gatherer cultures – the Kitivan islanders of Papua New Guinea and Paraguay’s Aché tribe – none of the subjects studied had acne. In fact, over a 2½-year period, researchers found exactly zero who suffered with acne. Zero.

A similar situation once existed among Canada’s Inuit people. A study found that acne cropped up only after they added processed foods to their diet.

As you are working on improving your diet, you can also try some natural skin care tips and products that we recommend in different categories on this site. We are always striving to bring you best and most current information on the subject of skin problems and natural skin care.

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