Natural Skin Care Tips for Cellulite

Cellulite can be a very annoying and embarrassing skin condition. Every woman wishes for a smooth, cellulite free skin, but it seems hard to accomplish. Dr. Lark has discovered a natural skin care solution that can help smooth out the bumps of cellulite. Keep reading to learn what to do.

Ironing out the bumps of cellulite can seem…impossible. But it doesn’t have to be! The fatty tissue under the skin has two layers, separated by a layer of connective tissue mesh. The fat cells in the outer layer are arranged vertically, and the in the deeper layer they’re arranged horizontally. Together, the layers create a crosshatching grid of fat cells. When strands of the mesh between them pop, the deeper layer of fat pooches through into the superficial layer, created a term all women known and hate: cellulite.

You’ll be surprised to learn that cellulite doesn’t only affect heavier or older women. In fact, up to 98 percent of all women over age 20 have it–even athletes! Gaining more muscle and losing excess fat are the two best ways to create the appearance of cellulite free skin, but you can also give your legs a cosmetic boost by indulging in massage–using coffee grounds and plastic wrap!

Caffeine helps to tighten your skin and tissues by constricting your superficial blood vessels. First, warm up about 1/2 cup of coffee grounds. Massage the warm grounds into the affected areas, then secure the plastic wrap. After about 15 minutes, remove the plastic and rinse.

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