Best Natural Anti Aging Skin Care for Lip Lines

Every woman would like to have a young looking, radiant skin, but sometimes bad habits and a stressful lifestyle can prevent us from looking our best. Doing some relaxation exercises, like yoga or Tai Chi can have a very beneficial effect on our health and on our skin. Here is best natural anti aging skin care for lip lines that Dr. Lark recommends to prevent those wrinkles.

Woman in the mirrorWhile I like to believe that lip lines (or wrinkles around the lips) are a distinctive part of a woman’s beauty, I certainly understand that it can be upsetting to see those fine lines around your lips. If your lip lines are bothering you, I encourage you to try what complementary dermatologists call combination therapy, which is based on two facts: 1) A woman’s skin rebuilds itself constantly, and 2) The aging of a woman’s face results from a multitude of factors, each requiring a different therapeutic approach. By combining gentle therapies that target the different processes that cause lip lines, you can significantly reduce those lines without side effects, exorbitant cost, or the need to hide for weeks while you heal from painful cosmetic procedures. Better yet, the effects are cumulative over time.

Step 1 for Wrinkle Free Skin Around the Lips: Relax Your Lips
Skin, like bone, reshapes itself according to the forces that it is chronically exposed to. The predominant force that shapes your lips is the orbicularis oris muscle, which forms a pursestring-like ring around your mouth. Contracting this muscle causes your lips to “purse” and pulls the surrounding skin into radiating folds. With repetition, the folding creates creases in the skin’s deeper layers. This causes new layers of skin to accommodate and deepen that crease. Sucking on a cigarette, drinking straw, or similar object encourages this process. In conventional dermatology, Botox injections paralyze the culprit muscle fibers, but the same result can be had by simply not smoking or using drinking straws, and by not engaging in similar actions that contract the orbicularis oris muscle.

Step 2 for Wrinkle Free Skin Around the Lips–Hydrate and moisturize.

Dehydrated skin causes deep, abundant creases, while plump, moist skin resists folding and keeps its shape. In conventional dermatology, lip line “ditches” are filled with painful injections of fillers, such as Botox. But there are luxurious, top-quality moisturizers that re-plump affected skin. The result is a smoother, fuller look than the somewhat fake appearance produced by injections.

One of my favorite products that creates excellent results is Trilaneᅠwhich nourishes with premium squalane from olives, plus jojoba esters, both of which are virtually identical to a woman’s own skin oils and do what most moisturizers do not: They penetrate.
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Dr. Lark has developed many natural anti aging skin care products to prevent wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. She’s also a creator of a variety of natural supplements that not only support the skin, but also our health and help balance hormones in women different ages. Dr.Lark- Premium Quality, Trusted Health Products

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