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Facial masks can be very beneficial to our skin and should be part of our every day natural skin care regimen. They can be very refreshing and purifying. A good facial mask can help rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin, but there are other that are moisturizing. Dr. Sears has developed a whole line of natural skin care products that are free of toxic chemicals. Here is a full list of his products.

In this article Jackie Silver talks about a great clay mask from the Sierra Nevada Mountains that is rich in minerals that will clarify and exfoliate your skin. 

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organic cosmetics for natural skin care

Who knew that something as simple as a little clay could hold the key to beauty transformation?

I personally do not like to get my hands dirty and you may not like it either, but a little mud in your beauty products can go a long way. Our ancestors were onto something. They knew that clay from the earth was rich in minerals and had a number of healing benefits.

For one thing, clay is utterly purifying. A clay beauty mask dries and hardens on the surface of your skin to pull out deep impurities. When you think about the fact that you spend the majority of your day in smoggy air and pollution, a deep, clarifying mask may be exactly what you need to bring your skin back to health.

If you have ever been guilty of rubbing your face or picking at your skin when you’re stressed – I admit it, I have, then it’s likely that you’re transferring oil and bacteria from your hands directly onto your complexion. The best natural remedy for this bad beauty habit is a clay mask, but not just any clay mask.

A good friend of mine, Dr. Al Sears, discovered a unique and highly beneficial clay deposit. His Pure Radiance research team found a montmorillonite clay deposit hidden deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Because the montmorillonite clay in this mask comes from one of nature’s best resources, it offers a pure solution for anti-aging beauty treatments. As soon as you add water to the clay, it gathers a positive charge and naturally absorbs pollutants from the surface of your skin!

This mineral-rich clay has been well-preserved in its mountain deposit, which is now specially available in the Sierra Nourishing Clay Mask.

If you’re looking for a clarifying treatment, look no further. The Sierra Nourishing Clay Mask can draw out impurities, toxins and dead skin from your complexion to restore a youthful quality to your skin.

But even more importantly, this mask protects as much as it preserves. The positive charge of the clay can prevent your skin from absorbing further pollutants that could cause harmful free-radical damage – leaving you at risk for premature wrinkles.

What is extremely interesting about this nourishing mask is that it really does nourish. Instead of leaving your skin feeling dry and tight after your treatment, as you would expect, the Sierra Nourishing Clay Mask deeply hydrates the skin with an extra-nourishing milk. This milk comes in the form of a colostrum concentrate, otherwise known as the first milk that young mammals drink for nourishment directly after birth.

TIP: Use some of the extra mask on the back of your hands – they can show age, too!

Not only can you receive a deep purification of toxins in your skin, but the mask can boost the health of your complexion with essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

For me, this means using fewer products but seeing more anti-aging results. If you, too, are tired of feeling like a slave to a complicated beauty regimen, then it’s important to be mindful in your product selection. A pure, clarifying mask like Sierra can deeply revitalize tired, aging skin. The Sierra Nourishing Clay Mask takes it a step further by hydrating your complexion with much-needed nourishment to balance your skin and protect it from further damage.

The Sierra Nourishing Clay Mask is pure, natural and nourishing. It can literally work double-time to bring your skin back to its best condition! Click here to order Sierra Clay Mask

Super secret extra tip: Don’t forget your earlobes, too!! Earlobes can show your age.

Have a Youthful Day,

Jackie Silver

[Ed. Note: Our guest columnist Jackie Silver is the author of Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young. She’s a dynamic and beautiful 50-something bombshell who looks half her age. She created “Aging Backwards” in 2006 to help empower women to look and feel younger than their actual age. On her website,, you’ll find some of Jackie’s best tips, tricks and secret weapons for stopping the effects of aging and improving the whole self – mind, body and spirit.]

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