Wrinkles and bone problems among older women

This is a very interesting concept, but when you think about it totally makes sense. Wrinkle formation is sped up by nutrient deficiency and a diet full of processed foods, hydrogenated fats and sugar. Those are the exact same causes of osteoporosis. Unhealthy diet lacks calcium which is needed to digest all the processed foods which also have a acidifying effect on our body. This creates a negative calcium balance and the body has to pull calcium out of our bones in order to neutralize this acidity and keep a balanced pH level of our blood.

Studying skin wrinkles could prove to be a useful new means of assessing postmenopausal women’s risk of fragile bone conditions, according to a new study. Data from an ongoing US study called the Kronos Early Estrogen Prevention Study has highlighted

It only makes sense that if you want to prevent any health problems and also keep a beautiful, young looking skin, you need to eat a healthy, balanced diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Also add some exercise, fresh air, relaxation and plenty of sleep and you have a prescription for a happy, healthy life. I don’t know if we really need to waste our research dollars on a study like that 🙂

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