Petal-Soft Skin from the Inside Out

Our skin needs vitamins and nutrients to remain young looking and healthy. Since most people don’t get enough nutrients in their diet, sometimes supplementation might be needed. Read on to find out what 5 powerful ingredients Dr. Sears recommends that help transform your skin from rough to petal-soft.

“There’s something important I want to tell you today. Something cosmetic companies and dermatologists will never admit to. The secret to glowing, supple skin that turns heads wherever you go isn’t at the bottom of some expensive cream or prescription lotion tube. In fact, it has absolutely nothing to do with what you put on the outside. The only sure-fire way to get satiny smooth skin that begs to be touched is to work from the inside out. You see, you’re meant to have beautiful skin. It’s your birthright. And when you fill your body with the nutrients it needs, perfect skin just happens.”

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