Cinnamon Tea For a Glowing Complexion

Cinnamon has been widely used to reduce sugar levels in the blood and to prevent or improve diabetes. I try to add it to many baked goods to improve sugar metabolism. As it turns out cinnamon is also good for your skin and can give you a Glowing Complexion. Read below to learn how to brew a Cinnamon Tea.ᅠ

Did you know that Cinnamon could give you a Glowing Complexion? I had posted some recipes for Blemishes and Scars using cinnamon before. Cinnamon works even better when you drink it as Tea. Cinnamon increases blood circulation which results in Rosy and Radiant Complexion. Don’t drink more than 1 Cup a day. How to Brew Cinnamon Tea? Its […]

You can also try adding a small piece of fresh ginger when brewing the tea. Ginger has anti inflammatory properties and is good for improving acne and other skin problems.

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