Natural Wrinkle Remedies from around the World

In his numerous travels, Dr. Sears discovered many secrets used by women from around the world to keep their skin smooth and young-looking. He used his knowledge to create his own natural line of skin care products that are free of toxic chemicals and help restore healthy youthful skin. Read below to learn about nutrients that he considers important for a healthy skin.

I’ve met so many naturally beautiful people in my travels. From the Andes Mountains of Peru to Africa and India, people have discovered that Nature provides so many ways to help maintain smooth, young-looking skin. For example, you’ll find women in South Africa with absolutely gorgeous skin… thanks to a mountain shrub called red tea. Or in the Andes, where women who are exposed to intense sun have remarkably smooth and supple skin. These women use a secret they learned from vineyard workers. I’ve brought many of these discoveries back with me to my practice. I’ve never been disappointed. And neither have the many patients who’ve benefitted from these discoveries.

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