The 5 Best Natural Skin Care Ingredients

As we become more and more aware of the toxic chemicals that are put in the cosmetics, many women are looking for natural skin care ingredients to take care of their skin. Fortunately, Mother Nature provided us with all the right ingredients to maintain beautiful and healthy skin. You don’t have to look further then your own kitchen for the best products to create natural face masks and scrubs for your skin. See below how to make your own homemade skin care products.

Nature has a wealth of skin healing and improving benefits that are often overlooked in today’s chemical-based skincare products. Here are the 5 best natural ingredients out there, and how they can help your skin…

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1. Honey

Honey helps to protect skin from the damage due to its natural antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. It helps to restore and revitalize run down skin, to leave it feeling refreshed, smooth and soft. Honey can even absorb impurities in pores, literally sucking the dirt out! It is ideal for cleansing and moisturising the skin to leave it feeling both silky and rejuvenated, plus it will leave it smelling great too.

This ingredient is used widely in products within the UK market today not only for skin care but also for hair care and sun care. This is an excellent ingredient and can be used along with other ingredients to create a natural cleansing face mask for your skin.

Try this recipe for a homemade honey face mask:

Mix a tablespoon of honey with four tablespoons of olive oil and one teaspoon of sea salt.

Rub the solution gently onto your face in a circular motion to let the salt exfoliate away dead skin cells

Leave it for approximately 15 minutes

Rinse off thoroughly

2. Jojoba

Jojoba is a botanical extract from seeds of the jojoba tree. It contains a high level of minerals and other nutrients such as Vitamin E. Jojoba oil has many advantages including being a great moisturiser and anti-aging ingredients, plus it is excellent for treating acne problems as it does not clog up pores and can help prevent the skin from becoming too oily.

Jojoba oil as well as olive oil, contain nutrients that are very beneficial for your skin. They will not only moisturize your it and prevent wrinkles, but also protect your skin from the elements. Another great natural skin care ingredient that’s my favorite is coconut oil. Make sure that it’s organic, extra virgin for best results. It will soften and moisturize your skin and is best used as an overnight cream for your face. Do you have a favorite recipe for a face mask or a cream? Please share.

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