Natural Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin Problems

Once we reach the age of 40 and sometimes even earlier, many women have a problem with dry skin. It gets worse during winter months when our skin is constantly exposed to dry, warm inside air. This is when the natural skin care tips for dry skin problems can help. One thing that I would strongly recommend is getting a humidifier for your whole house or just your bedroom. Adding a little moisture to the dry air will not only improve your skin, but will also help you breath better while you sleep. It’s also important to keep the room cool at night to improve the quality of your sleep and get a better rest.

Read on to learn what else Nurse Practitioner, Kamila Fiore, recommends for dry skin.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my patients during the winter months is how dry their skin is. I’m sure you’re familiar with the symptoms: More visible wrinkles, a rough and itchy feel and that not-so-attractive flaky appearance. But the good news is, you don’t have to accept dry skin as something that comes along with the winter. There are some easy – and natural – solutions that can keep your skin glowing all year long.

So before you buy another moisturizer, check the labels to see if they include one of these dry-skin busters:

Allantoin. This soothing skin moisturizer and protectant is naturally produced by animals and plants. This is why allantoin is used in quite a few good-quality moisturizers and other cosmetic products like lip balm and acne solutions. The reason it’s so commonly used is because it’s very effective at very small doses. Often 0.1% to 2% will help your skin heal more quickly, which makes it great for flaky, raw skin, chapped lips, cold sores – even sunburns.

A great nighttime moisturizer for dry skin is coconut oil. It has antibacterial properties and helps even out your skin tone and prevent age spots. You can get a great deal on extra virgin coconut oil by clicking here.

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