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When it comes to hair, the look has a lot to do with genetics. Your hair color, thickness, whether it’s curly or straight, it all might be in your genes. Even if you’re not thrilled with what you inherited, it’s still up to you to make it look its best. A lot of it has to do with our hair care routine, so if you have dull, lifeless hair don’t blame the genes. Natural hair care and treatments can help restore the shine and texture to your hair. Try some of the suggestions below and let us know if it works for you.

A top Hollywood stylist has come up with some great natural hair care treatments to revitalise your dyed locks. Nicole Cothrun

Natural Hair Care Tips Can Help

Venables, writing for the Huffington Post, says: “We all know how frustrating it can be when you’re having a bad hair week.

“You start to really notice that your hair colour is looking washed-out, flat, and dull, your ends are see-through, and your hair is completely lifeless. You may even spot a few greys glaring at you.

“If it’s too early for a full-colour service or you just can’t make the time to book in with your favourite stylist, here are a few healthy alternatives to harsh colour treatments and your regular appointments.”

She recommends organic hair colouring products, alongside fruit, vegetable and herb potions to refresh your colour.

A simple mixture of water, lemon and lime juice can lighten your hair, while for redheads a mixture of carrot, beet and ginger can work wonders.

Sage and rosemary can help blend in greys, enhance black hair and give depth to brown hair. Tea, coffee and wine can also add subtle colours and shine.

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My favorite overnight natural hair care treatment is using coconut oil. If your hair is lifeless and dull and you are starting to see split ends, it’s time to let this miracle oil work its magic. Just put about 2-4 tbsp of oil (depending of the length of your hair) into a cup and place it in hot water to melt. Apply to your hair and leave overnight. Put a shower cap on and an old towel on your pillow to prevent greasy mess. The next day shampoo as usual.

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