Natural Skin Care Tips for Velvety Smooth Skin

 With a little bit of creativity and some natural skin care tips you can come up with great recipes for velvety smooth skin. There are many natural ingredients that, when used in the right combinations, can help maintain youthful and healthy skin. Dead Sea salt is one of those ingredients that can be very beneficial to your skin. You can use it when taking a bath, but also as a body scrub. Get creative with the recipe below.

Salt along the shore of the Dead Sea

Dead sea salt scrub is one of the most effective body scrubs recipes you could use to heal the skin from conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Extracted from the Dead Sea, known for its therapeutic effects, dead sea salt is filled with minerals that soften the skin and speed up the healing of various skin conditions. Often used for treatment of psoriasis, eczema and arthritis, these salts leave the skin velvety smooth.

There are many variations of this recipe and what I like to do is to estimate and adjust the ingredients so I get the scrub that I like.

Dead sea body scrub – basic recipe

1 and 1/4 cup of dead sea salt

1/4 cup of carrier oil.

Depending on the effect you are looking for you will add different carrier oils. If your skin is itchy and red, for example, your best bet is almond oil as it is known for its healing properties. If your skin is dry, flaky and cracked, add olive oil to it. If you need extra softness, go with regular sunflower oil.

Another great use for the Dead Sea Salt is to mix it with some warm water and gargle when you have a sore throat. It can also be used as a mouthwash to prevent gingivitis. All the minerals in the salt not only make your skin velvety smooth, but also help kill bacteria in your mouth.

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