Natural recipe for life

We all want to look young and sexy, have a beautiful skin and slim body, but most of us don’t realize that it can come at the expense of our health. In a single visit to a beauty or nail salon, a woman can easily be exposed to thousands of potentially harmful chemicals and they don’t even produce lasting results. Read on to find out how a former model started a green movement and opened a spa where she offers handmade skin care, nail and hair removal treatments free of synthetic ingredients created for each client’s specific skin type.

In 2008, she started the popular YouTube video blog, which is a guide to natural and organic makeup, skin care, fashion, and nutrition, and is the owner of, an online eco-beauty boutique. “The media want women to look

We all can make a difference in this world if we just spread the message, one person at the time. So let’s go green! There are plenty of alternative skin care remedies for every skin problem so that we don’t have to depend on harmful chemicals to make ourselves look beautiful. 

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