Natural Skin Care Tips and Hormonal Imbalance

Most women don’t realize how important overall health and well being is when it comes to beautiful, young looking skin. Hormonal imbalances can cause many health problems including acne, dry skin, weight gain and mood swings to name a few. As we get older and get closer to menopause we can experience estrogen dominance which can lead to thinning, dry skin. If you go to a doctor, first thing he’ll recommend is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Before you make a decission you need to consider your options. In the recent years there’s been a lot of news in the media and medical journals about the side effects of HRT. If you are interested in natural skin care tips and hormonal imbalance solutions you need to read Dr. Sears article below about HRT and your options. It might help you solve many other health problems. 

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I just read a study that proves how dangerous those drugs that are labeled “HRT” are. I call them drugs because they’re not real hormones. Hormones have to be made in your body, and these are synthetically created. I can’t help but get mad at this. I’m so tired of women being in this unnecessary danger. As you read this, millions of women are getting estrogen. If you’ve ever been to your doctor for help with menopause, you know what I’m talking about.

Just because I’m a man doesn’t mean I can’t relate to issues facing women. I truly believe I can, because I sit in my office and I try to put myself in their shoes. And I’ll tell you… I feel for what women are going through.

Hormone Replacement Risks: In one recent study, women on synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) had a 54 percent higher risk of asthma.1

That’s bad news on its own, but when you consider that lung function is your number-one risk factor for death, it’s tragic.

HRT “therapy” isn’t therapy. What they’re giving you isn’t a real hormone, and it does nothing to help you with the real problems of menopause.

For most women, too much estrogen is the problem. Not too little.

As Dr. Sears recommends, your best option is a good quality progesterone cream. I have found a natural, organic progesterone cream at a great price. Natpro progesterone cream is as good as it gets.  Click here to buy Natpro natural progesterone cream now.

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