Natural Skin Care Tips for Sun Protection

Are you confused about sun protection? Are you looking for natural skin care tips for sun protection? This subject has become a very controvertial issue. In spite of what we’re being told on TV and in the news, we all need some healthy sun exposure to produce vitamin D. Unfortunatelly, for the last 30 years we have been told to avoid the sun and apply sunscreen every time we go out in the sun. The consequences of that are very disturbing. We have a society with a very high rate of osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and many others. It’s all due to vitamin D deficiency that grew to epidemic proportions.

So, if you don’t want to become a statistic, you need to get some sun regularly. Unfortunately some people have become very sun sensitive due to the lack of sun exposure. Well, you don’t want to overdo it and get a sunburn especially if you have a fair skin. Keep reading to learn what a Nurse Practitioner, Kamila Fiore, recommends.

If you spent a lot of time lounging by the pool, splashing at the beach, or hiking in the mountains this summer, you probably noticed the effects of the sun. You don’t have to bake in a tanning bed to damage your skin from too much sun exposure. Spending time outdoors summer after summer without any protection can leave you with dark spots of hyperpigmentation that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

But before you slather on that over-the-counter SPF, keep in mind that using a generically formulated sunscreen religiously isn’t the answer – no matter what magazine or TV ads may tell you. Chemicals in commercial sunblock can do more harm than good. Instead of protecting your skin from sun damage, chemical sunblocks can cause premature aging and damage to your skin.

The use of sunblock is an interesting paradox in the health world.

We’re told over and over again to apply sunblock regularly because the sun is our enemy. But that’s not the whole picture. Your skin has everything it needs to naturally protect itself from the sun’s UV rays. You may have noticed that your skin starts to tan after spending time in the sun because it produces a substance called melanin. Melanin is your skin’s natural way of protecting yourself from sun damage.

But because of our constant use of chemical sunblock and sun avoidance, we’ve become more sensitive to the sun over time. This means that we’re at a greater risk for sun overexposure that could cause damage to our skin.

The solution? Zinc oxide is a mineral ingredient that won’t be absorbed into your bloodstream like so many chemicals found in over-the-counter sunblocks. Zinc oxide sits right on top of your skin to reflect the rays of the sun. Not only that, but it will boost your body’s natural antioxidant defenses to neutralize free-radical damage from the sun that causes wrinkles and brown spots.

Choose a natural product like Solis that contains zinc oxide to protect your skin from the sun. Solis is free from chemicals and carcinogens commonly found in over-the-counter sunblocks. In fact, many chemicals in commercial sunblocks in the United States are banned in other countries. But Solis uses natural, safe ingredients like moisturizing Shea butter, glycerin for deep hydration, and Canadian willow herb to soothe inflammation in the skin.

Solis is also made with cupuacu butter, a moisturizing plant extract full of antioxidants to fight free-radical damage caused by sun overexposure. This moisturizing ingredient will improve the natural defense of your skin to shield from outside sun damage – so that you can finally reduce the appearance of wrinkles and brown spots.

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Kamila Fiore, ARNP, NP-C

Keep in mind that the more sun exposure you get, the more melatonin your body will produce. That’s your natural sun protection. Over time your skin will become less sensitive and you will be able to stay outside longer without getting burned. And here is a great natural skin care tip for sun protection: use some organic virgin coconut oil on your skin before and after sun exposure. It will moisturize your skin and prevent wrinkles too.

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