Natural Hair Care Tips for Fall

Does your hair need a makeover after the summer? Here are a few great natural hair care tips for the fall. Most of us spent lots of time at the beach, in the pool and in the hot sun during the summer. It’s time give our hair more attention. It’s just as important as our skin. See what an accomplished hairstylist, Aneta Dawkins recommends for a great hair makeover.

Whew… it seems like summer was hotter than ever this year! If you’re like me, you love going to the pool or beach. But these fun summer activities can leave your hair looking more than just a little parched. The hot sun, chlorine, salt water and over-washing can result in dry, dragged down, dingy hair by the end of the summer. But I know some great ways to restore the health of your hair this fall:

1.Classic pony.A ponytail can look quite sophisticated for work and play. It keeps your hair from being in your face and can cover some of the damage you encountered over the summer. Visit your nearest beauty supply store and pick out some pretty, unique clips and clamps to help spice up your ‘do. Get creative!

2.More moisture. Shampoo can be drying so be sure to wash it less often to restore moisture. You also can also use products that are less drying (alcohol free) and more moisturizing.

Don’t be afraid of a leave-in conditioner – even if your hair is fine. It will help keep your hair from frizzing. Use cooler water for rinsing as well. The sensation can be quite invigorating and will leave your scalp and body feeling refreshed.

I love doing the hot oil treatment for my hair. Sometimes it’s hard to find time, but even once a week is worth it. It will leave your hair silky soft and shiny. My favorite natural hair care tip for the fall is using coconut oil treatment and I usually leave it on overnight. If you’re going to do that just make sure that you put a heavy towel on your pillow or wear a plastic cap, so you don’t get the oil all over your pillow.

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