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Women have always been looking for natural skin care products to protect and improve the appearance of their aging skin. There are many natural remedies that you can try to prevent the signs of aging. Check out the other categories on this site for different recommendations.

For those times when you’re on the run, traveling or just don’t want to be bothered with homemade products, you may want to try some natural skin care products that only contain natural ingredients. Dr. Sears is an aging expert that developed his own line of natural products, called Pure Radiance.   Revive is one of his products that does more than just reduce lines and wrinkles. Keep reading to learn more about Revive.

I’m going to show you how you can slow down the aging of your skin and reverse the signs of aging – without drugs or surgery. The secret I’m about to reveal is so groundbreaking that your dermatologist would love to share it with you. He hasn’t heard about it yet. Neither has your doctor or skin-care specialist. It can literally stop the aging clock… putting a halt to wrinkles, age spots, redness, and dry and sagging skin.

Today you have the ability to turn back the hands of time and reset the time keepers that control your skin’s aging.

This new secret rejuvenates your skin from the cellular level, adding decades of youth and vibrance to your face. So, no matter what your age, in just a few short weeks you can…

Visually reduce lines and wrinkles.

Plump up your skin’s elasticity and moisture.

Reverse sun and aging spots.

Look younger than you have in years!


I’m Al Sears, M.D., and you’re probably wondering how I learned about this incredible breakthrough before your dermatologist did.

For the past year, I’ve been working with the pioneer of an anti-aging breakthrough so dramatic it was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine.

It’s based on something called “telomeres.” Telomeres are “time keepers” attached to your DNA.

Here’s how they work.

As your skin cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. The shorter your telomeres, the more your skin cells age… and your skin starts showing the ravages of time.

But when you maintain the length of your telomeres, your skin will stay supple, radiant, and youthful.

At my anti-aging clinic here in South Florida I’ve made some astonishing discoveries throughout the past 20 years. But this is the most revolutionary.

It gives you the opportunity to halt the aging process and show a younger, more beautiful, and sexier face to the world.


Most of the women I know get a big thrill when somebody pegs their age as much younger than it truly is. A single five-year deduction in age can put a smile on their face for days. After all, who doesn’t like to find themselves on the receiving end of a compliment like that?

Even I get a kick out of the times I’m told I look younger than my years. It’s simple human nature. We feel young, we think young, we act young… and we want to LOOK young, for as long as possible.

So imagine how great you’ll feel when you reduce the age of your skin by 30%!

That means your face will age one-third less than your friends and co-workers, and you’ll get more compliments than ever.

My new Revive contains a remarkable extract that literally HALTS aging and can extend the lifespan of your skin cells.

This amazing extract, called teprenone, delays the shortening of your telomeres and protects your skin’s DNA, so you can avoid the ravaging effects that come with age.2

If you read the ads in women’s magazines, you’d think the world is full of anti-aging serums that will make you look young, beautiful, and sexy.

But none of those products works to promote cellular rejuvenation the way Revive does.

Not only does Revive help maintain telomeres and extend the lifespan of your skin cells… it also starts to erase the signs of aging. I’ve also added even more ingredients to help revive the youth and radiance of younger years.

Look at these results from clinical trials of women:3

100% increased the level of moisture in their skin

100% saw sunspots improve significantly

Over 90% saw a decrease in redness and pore size

75% experienced an improvement in skin tone and elasticity

75% felt roughness and fine lines faded noticeably


When you look at old pictures, you might find yourself surprised to see the beautiful face you wore as a teenager. You probably still envision yourself the same… clear, tight skin… fleshy cheeks… high forehead.

Part of the reason for that wonderful fullness in your skin is the presence of hyaluronic acid (HA).

You may have heard of HA before. You’ll find it in popular fillers that dermatologists inject into the skin to puff up your lips, neutralize your frown lines, and smooth out your skin.

There’s a good reason it’s such a popular cosmetic enhancement. HA has the amazing ability to hold vast amounts of water… absorbing around 1,000 times its weight in water.

Without enough moisture, your skin becomes loose, dry, and wrinkled… adding years to your age. But when your skin has enough HA, all that water plumps up your skin.

It enhances both volume and elasticity to restore a youthful balance to your face, so you can start looking the way you did in some of those old pictures!

You don’t have to get an injection to receive the benefits of HA. When you use it topically, significant results can occur.

That’s because your skin can absorb HA at a cellular level. Unlike some other moisturizers that simply sit on the top of your skin, HA sinks into the deeper levels of your skin tissue.

It also acts as a “carrier,” delivering all of the anti-aging ingredients in Revive deeply into your cells for a more youthful you.


Your skin is the largest organ of your body. When it’s maintained properly with effective skincare, it can lead to an overall healthier and younger lifestyle.

In this letter, you’ve already discovered the huge impact your telomeres and DNA have on the age of your skin, and how Revive literally halts your skin’s aging process.

Now, imagine being able to influence and prevent telomere shortening, and repair DNA throughout your entire body.

The effects would clearly show on your skin. But you would also extend the life of the cells in your heart, your lungs… liver, kidneys… and more!

Imagine the extra energy… being able to lead a rich, active life… enjoying new hobbies and pursuits… playing outdoors with your grandchildren. All without having to worry about age-related conditions.

It’s all possible!

When you order 3 jars of Revive I’ll send you my special report. You’ll learn how you can extend the life of your telomeres and maintain all the strength and vitality you had when you were in your 30s. So you’ll not only look younger, but you’ll feel younger and have more energy than you have in years.

In my special report, “Unlock the Genetic Secret of Aging,” you’ll discover…

The 3 powerful antioxidants that increase telomere length

How too much of this amino acid can triple the loss of telomere length, and what you can do to avoid it

The most exciting advancement in anti-aging medicine – EVER!

How to turn on your “longevity gene”

It’s chock-full of vital information for anyone who wants to turn back the hands of time.

And it’s yours, free, with your three-jar purchase of Revive DNA Rejuvenation Cream.


I guarantee you’re going to love the way your face looks after using Revive for 30 days. If you’re not entirely happy, I’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked. Just return the empty or partially used jar, and I’ll make sure you get all of your money back.

But when you discover how radiant and vibrant your skin looks with Revive, you’re not going to want to part with it for any amount of money!

Click here to get started today, and begin experiencing the joy that comes with a healthier, more youthful face.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, M.D.


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