Natural Skin Care Tips to Restore Luscious Locks

Are you experiencing thinning, dry hair? Are you looking for some natural skin and hair care tips to restore your luscious locks? First, you need to find and eliminate the cause of your hair problems. For some people it might be hair care products that will the reason. Try switching to natural, organic shampoo and conditioner that’s free of sodium lauryl sulfate and other chemicals. Also cut down on the amount of gel, mousse and hairspray that you are using. Look for natural products without harmful ingredients.

Another reason could be an unhealthy diet, full of processed, fried foods and sugar. Your hair, just like your skin and scalp, needs a variety of nutrients to stay healthy. Dry hair could be a symptom of essential fatty acids deficiency, so make sure you add some raw nuts and avocados to your diet.

Finally, the problem could be hormonal imbalance. Keep reading to see what Dr. Lark recommends for thinning hair.

One of the unfortunate effects of menopause that seems to happen to many women is thinning hair. When estrogen levels drops and hormones are less balanced, hair tends to fall out faster and grow back slower. Fortunately, an essential oil has been found to help. ᅠ

One of the most widely accepted natural treatments for hair loss and promoting healthy scalp circulation is lavender. A study reported in theᅠArchives of Dermatology indicated that 3 drops of lavender (along with 2 drops each of thyme and cedarwood and 3 drops of rosemary in a carrier-oil blend of 1/2 teaspoon of jojoba oil and 4 teaspoons of grapeseed oil) promoted hair growth and healthy scalp circulation! In fact, 44 percent of the treatment group enjoyed new hair growth, as compared to 15 percent of the control group. And there were none of the adverse side effects frequently found with conventional treatments for hair loss.

If you would like to try this treatment option, you can use lavender three ways:

1. Use a diffuser to disperse micro-particles of the essential oil in the air.ᅠ

2. Apply through your skin by bath, compresses, massage, or simple topical application.ᅠ

3. Spray infused waters in the air or onto your skin. (Lavender also is a component of some wonderful natural beauty care products.)ᅠ

Essential oils can be purchased in health food and beauty stores, but keep in mind that the quality of the oil may vary. For the highest quality, look for oils packaged in small dark blue or brown vials. Also, prices within a particular brand line will vary, as some essential oils are far more expensive than others. A product line with similar pricing throughout may be offering oils of inferior quality.

Dr. Lark also developed a wonderful natural supplement for strong hair and nails. It is a unique combination of five nutrients that promote growth, stimulate collagen building, and hydrate, strengthen, and protect your hair and nails. The first and most exciting nutrient is a flaxseed that specifically targets healthy, luscious locks. Click here to learn more about Hair and Nail Revitalizer

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