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Sweating is a subject that most people would like to avoid. The smell can be embarrasing so we just cover up the problem with an antiperspirant and hope that it will go away. Unfortunately, that can only make the issue worse. Since our body excreates toxins through sweating, clogging up the pores will stop the elimination process. That will lead to accumulation of toxins in other parts of the body which can lead to cancer. Here are some natural skin care tips that list ingredients to avoid when looking for a deodorant. There are some natural deodorants that you can get at a health food store without those harmful ingredients.


most deodorants contain harmful chemicals.
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All healthy human beings sweat. It is the body’s mechanism to keep this intricate machine working properly. When the temperature rises inside the body, we sweat and cool it down. Our bodies have over 2.6 million sweat pores. Some of them are called Eccrine pores like the ones on our hands, legs and forehead, and they produce sweat without proteins, fatty acids and smell. The other kind, the Apocrine pores, are located in our armpits and genital areas. Those sweat pores usually end with a hair follicle and they contain fatty acids and proteins.

At it’s origin, sweat has no smell. But when it comes in contact with bacteria that lives on our skin, the bacteria metabolizes the protein, causing an odor. The cleaner the area is, the less bacteria is on the surface, and less odor will be created when the body sweats.

There are two kinds of odor preventive products and they work differently.

Types of Odor Preventive Products & How They Work

Deodorant: Deodorant is meant to take care of the smell by neutralizing and killing the bacteria that causes the smell.

Antiperspirant: antiperspirant, on the other hand, is meant to prevent us from sweating by blocking the seat pores. When the sweat pores are blocked, the bacteria has no protein to metabolize. The body still sweats, but in other areas that do not produce the proteins.

If excessive sweating is a problem for you, there are other natural skin care tips you can use. First of all eliminating all processed foods and sugar from your diet will reduce toxic load your body has to excreate. Another cause of heavy sweating is stress. Try some meditation, yoga or daily excersizing to help your body relax.

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