Natural Skin Care Tips and Acne Treatments

Most people realize that stress can have a great effect on our health and on the condition of our skin, but they don’t quite understand how it all works. Studies have proven that your emotions and stress could negatively impact the microflora in your intestines which could therefore contribute to systemic inflammation. That often leads to exacerbation of acne and other skin conditions.

Poor diet, full of processed foods and sugar, is another major contributor to acne problems. It is also related to gut problems and intestinal flora. If you are looking for natural skin care tips and acne treatments it is important to pay attention to your diet. When you eat a high sugar and high carbohydrates diet, it increases your insulin levels and leads to hormonal imbalance which causes your pores to secrete sebum, a greasy substance that attracts acne-promoting bacteria.

Read on to learn what Dr. Mercola thinks about the causes of acne.

Skin problems are closely related to an unhealthy diet

What could your gut possibly have to do with your skin, and specifically acne? Far more than you might think, and it makes perfect sense that your skin would be impacted by your intestinal microflora and also your brain once you get a bit of background into how they are all intricately interconnected.

You’ve probably already experienced your “brain-skin” connection; for instance, when your face flushes because you feel embarrassed, or you get an acne breakout due to stress. Well, there’s also a “gut-brain” connection, and therein lies the key to unraveling how the simple action of optimizing your gut bacteria could pave your way to clearer, acne-free skin…

Indeed, most people fail to realize that your gut is quite literally your second brain, and in addition to digesting your food actually has the ability to significantly influence your:

– Mind

– Mood

– Behavior

It’s not a widely understood or emphasized fact, but studies have repeatedly shown that a healthy gut reinforces a positive outlook and behavior, while depression and a variety of behavioral problems have been linked to an imbalance or lack of gut bacteria.

If you take antibiotics often, your gut flora will be affected. It is recommended to take some probiotics to re-balance your intestinal flora. You could also eat some sauerkraut or organic plain yogurt made with raw milk to provide your body with benefitial bacteria.

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