Natural Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin During the Summer

With the heat wave and humidity that we are having this the summer, some people are experiencing all kinds of skin problems. Here are some natural skin care tips for healthy skin during the summer that can help improve your skin problems.

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summertime skin

Many people experience skin problems during the summer months when the sun’s ultraviolet rays are strong and individuals spend much of their time outdoors. A recent article published by the Huffington Post highlighted several natural options that people can use to promote good skin health.

Products like lotions or gels that contain aloe vera may promote cooling sensations on skin that has been affected by the sun, the news provider explained.

Similar to aloe, some shaving creams that contain menthol may also help induce feelings of wellness.

“Shaving cream in a lot of cases has menthol and other chemicals, and those things are naturally cooling and feel good to the skin,” said Dr. Jonette Keri, M.D., associate professor of dermatology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, quoted by the news source.

During the hot summer months it is important to stay hydrated. That does not mean drinking gallons of water. You need to include lots of foods that have high water content too, like raw fruits and vegetables. If you eliminate salty, processed foods you will not need to drink as much water and your body will feel better. You can also drink some fresh vegetable juices, like carrot juice. Also a great juice for the hot summer months is celery and apple juice. It will provide the natural sodium that your body needs and it’s delicious too. Fresh vegetable juices will also help your body detoxify and as a side effect you will loose some unwanted weight. So follow the natural skin care tips for healthy skin during the summer and your skin will show improvement too.

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