Natural Skin Care Using Self Massage

There are many health benefits to using massage therapy. It is best to find a licenced massage therapist since then you’ll enjoy the therapy most, but you can also use self massage at home. It will not only help you relax and relieve stress, but it also stimulates blood circulation which in turn will improve your skin and eliminate some skin problems.

Learn a few basic techniques of self massage as part of your natural skin care and try them for yourself. You will feel its benefits very shortly as your muscles relax, relieve tension and your circulation improves.

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Self massage is a simple step you can take at home to improve your health. In this article we’ll look at the health benefits of massage therapy and even look at how you can start massaging yourself today.

Massage therapy is a the act of manipulating soft tissue to release tension and loosen fibers. Some form of massage has been practiced by just about every culture throughout time. References to massage are found in the 4,000 year old Chinese book The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, wrote about the importance of massage. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show people receiving foot massages. Massage is an important aspect of the ancient Indian healing art known as Ayurveda.

Massage has continued to be popular throughout the ages. There are a wide variety of massages practiced today. Some ancient and some developed only recently.

The Benefits of Massage

Massage has a number of benefits. It can help increase the circulation of blood and lymph. It helps loosen and relax muscle tissue keeping muscle supple and maintaining and even increasing ranges of motion.

Massage slows the heart rate and decrease blood pressure. It triggers the parasympathetic nervous system causing you to feel increasingly relaxed and easing anxiety. It also helps your body decrease the amount of the stress hormone cortisol it releases and increase the production of the feel good hormone dopamine.

Stimulation of the skin regulate the oils your skin naturally produces increasing overall skin health. It can also help decrease the appearance of cellulite.

There are many other benefits of massage and I would strongly recommend doing a regular self massage and occasionally treat yourself to a professional massage.

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