Natural Skin Care and Protection Against Skin Cancer

safe sun exposureIn spite of all the false advertising and sunscreen campaigns, studies show that the natural sunlight is needed to produce vitamin D. As the research shows deficiency of vitamin D can increase our risk of developing many different cancers. Dr. Mercola is an expert on health issues and natural alternatives, including natural skin care. See what he has to say about natural skin care and protection against skin cancer.

Sunlight causes your skin to produce vitamin D — a fact that, ironically, means that sunscreen campaigns may have made millions of people chronically short of this critical nutrient, and put them at a greater risk of skin cancer, rather than reducing their risk.

Research shows that a very low level of vitamin D is a major risk factor for melanoma. This flies in the face of the idea that it is too much sun that increases your melanoma risk.

According to Professor Angus Dalgleish, writing in the Daily Mail:

“Research shows that a large percentage of people in the UK are deficient in vitamin D partly because we can’t make any from the sun for about six months of the year … I’d like to see all other cancer units automatically checking their patients’ blood levels. It’s cheap and quick and I guarantee they would be amazed at just how low many were.”

Warm and healing, natural sun rays can give your skin a healthy glow and improve your mood. Normal levels of vitamin D will also support your immune system and help prevent common colds and even the flu. You can use natural skin care to protect yourself from sunburn, but the vitamin D will give you protection against any cancer.

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