Natural Skin Care to prevent acne and wrinkles

Natural skin care and cleansing of your skin twice a day is very important in preventing acne and other skin problems. If you wear a lot of make up every day it’s especially important to remove it before going to bed. That’s the time to rejuvenate your body and skin and leaving make up on can lead to acne breakouts, but also some wrinkles developing prematurely. Here is an article with many natural skin care tips from a beauty expert. By Indu Saksena Bedi, Friday magazine Of the many skin care inventions we should be thankful for, cleansers are high on the list – and for some unexpected as well as expected reasons. The expected – but nonetheless important reasons, are to rid the

Woman in the mirrorYou could also use some natural skin care remedies to cleanse your skin, like coconut oil. Just put some on a cotton ball and use it to remove make up. Then wash your face with luke warm water. Your skin will feel great and a few wrinkles might also disappear.

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