8 Natural Skin Care Tips with Heart Benefits

Here is an excellent article about taking care of your body and your skin by supplying it with all the necessary nutrients. The benefits of 8 heart friendly foods that can also prevent many skin problems, are described by three experts. A healthy diet supported by natural skin remedies is the best way to achieve lasting beauty and a youthful look.

8 Heart Healthy Foods with Beauty Benefits See how these foods affect your beauty from the inside out This is a Total Beauty.com health and beauty article To get the full scoop on precisely which beauty bonuses we can expect from eating the top 8 heart healthy foods (February is heart health month, FYI), we talked to three experts […]

In addition to almonds, there are other nuts that are very beneficial to your heart and skin, like walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts, as long as you eat them raw not roasted.

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