Bare-faced chic

Most women admire the super models and movie stars on the covers of magazines. They have a perfect, flawless skin and a beautiful make up. For most of us, make up boosts our self-esteem, makes us look complete. Well, this way of thinking might be changing with a new trend starting behind the scenes in the fashion industry. More and more women are choosing to go make-up free. Some are choosing that route because of allergies, others are refusing to put all those chemicals on their skin. Read on to find out more about this new trend.

Victoria Tydeman, who co-founded Steamcream, a new cleanser made in Britain from locally sourced, natural products, stopped wearing make-up when she entered the skincare profession. ‘The more I got to know about ingredients, the more I became really

If there are more brave ones, the rest of us will follow too. Natural, good look comes from a healthy skin which has that glow.οΎ

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