Benefits Of Almond Oil In Natural Skin Care

Mother Nature has provided us with many great ingredients to take care of our skin and our health. Almonds are one of those items that have multiple uses. They are not only delicious, but also full of protein, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Just a hand full a day can provide your body with a lot of nutrients.

There are also many benefits of almond oil in natural skin care. It’s an excellent moisturizer and is often used in different natural skin care products especially for dry, mature skin. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of almond oil.

Walk down the skin care section of your local drug store, grocery store, salon or spa and you will see that almond oil is a common ingredient in many skin care products and is often proudly displayed as a primary ingredient. So what is all the fuss about almond oil, why is it so common and what are the benefits of having almond oil in your skin care products?

Almond Oil Pampers The Skin

Almond oil is an excellent emollient and moisturizer. As an emollient it nourishes and softens the skin helping to keep it smooth to the touch. Almond oil is similar in composition to the oil baby’s excrete to keep their skin and hair healthy. This composition is beneficial to protecting and conditioning your skin no matter your age. By helping the skin stay healthy it promotes a youthful skin complexion.

A Treatment For Dry Skin

Almond oil is frequently used to treat dry skin. As a dry skin treatment, almond oil relieves itchiness, soreness, rashes, dryness, irritation and burns. Almond oil aides the skin in keeping the proper balance of moisture in the skin which is critical when treating dry skin. It is often mixed with an exfoliant for body scrubs as well as mixed with moisturizers to provide benefits the moisturizer may not have. Almond oil can also be used on the delicate skin under the eye to prevent “crow’s feet”.

Because of their nutritional value, almonds are widely used in cooking. Not many people know this, but you can actually buy almond flour to use in baking, especially if you are looking for gluten free, low glycemic recipes. Here is an excellent recipe for a gluten free carrot cake using almond flour. You can order almond flour on Amazon.

Enjoy many benefits of almond oil in natural skin care and in cooking.

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