Natural Skin Care Tips and Problems Related to Eczema

If your child has developed eczema, looking for natural skin care tips and products to alleviate the problem may not be your only concern. Recently researchers at the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research have been looking into peanut allergies and its possible causes. It was discovered that avoiding consumption of peanuts at an early age may not be enough. Children with allergies and eczema can be at higher risk of developing peanut allergy even by touching peanuts or any products containing peanuts.

Read on to find out more about the correlation between eczema and peanut allergy.

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Recent clinical and experimental investigations also suggest an intriguing correlation between the development of peanut allergy, food exposure through the skin and the presence of eczema in early childhood,” he says. The skin of most patients with eczema is colonised with Staphylococcus aureus, and particular toxins produced by these bacteria can make their allergic skin irritations significantly worse. These same infections are also being increasingly implicated in the development of food allergies.

We sought to bring all this information together and use our models to ask the question – what happens at the cellular level when the skin of an individual with eczema (and most likely a Staph infection) comes into contact with peanut extract? Are they more likely to go on to develop a peanut allergy?

In short, their answer was “yes”.

Prof Le Gros’ team showed that specific bacterial products known as superantigens can amplify the immune response that develops in response to peanut extract coming into contact with the skin. On subsequent skin exposure, the allergic immune response to peanuts was even stronger, even in the absence of the bacterial toxins.

It’s important to remember that health of our children starts even before they are conceived. It all starts with healthy parents. If you are planning to start a family you need to take care of your health first to give your child a good start. Pregnancy and those first few months of baby’s life are critical in predicting a healthy future. So start with nursing for at least 6 months and make fresh, organic fruits and avocados your child’s first foods. Skip the cereals all together, as they are just full of empty calories and continue with fresh or lightly steamed vegetables. When your baby has a good start in life, the immune system will be strong and efficient in fighting different diseases. That’s your best bet in preventing eczema and allergies too. Also natural skin care tips can help you choose best products for your baby’s delicate skin.

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