Natural Skin Care Tips for Sexy Toenails

For those of us living in the Northeast part of the country, summer is pretty much over, but having sexy, healthy toenails is important year round. Unfortunately, some of us might be left with a nasty nail problems. Nail fungus is easy to catch, but difficult to get rid of. This is where natural skin care tips for sexy toenails can help. Using natural methods to get rid of fungus won’t produce any side effects like pharmaceutical treatments do, but you have to be persistent. See what Anesta Dawkins, salon owner with over 20 years of experience, uses herself and recommends to her customers.

It's important to take care of your feet also

Living in South Florida, I get to wear sandals almost all year round. So I have to keep up with my nails, especially because I work in the beauty industry. If I showed clients chipped, cracked or discolored nails, I’d lose business. Nail fungus is a fairly common problem. And it can turn even an outgoing woman into a hermit. Thick, yellow nails – all cracked and chipped – look horrible in a pair of open-toed shoes. And nail fungus can be tough to get rid of. Today I’ll share a few natural secrets that can help you get back into your sandals… and show off your sexy toes again.

You can pick up nail fungus in all sorts of places. Public swimming pools and gym locker rooms are prime breeding grounds. But nail fungus thrives anywhere it’s humid or moist.

That’s why this fungus attacks your toenails more often than fingernails. Your feet can sweat a lot during the course of a day… and that creates a perfect environment for fungus to grow.

But even if you have sweaty feet, you can keep nail fungus from getting a “toehold.”

Always dry your feet thoroughly after showering – and be sure to get between your toes. Try socks designed to wick moisture away from your skin. If your feet sweat heavily, changing your socks during the day can help, too.

Everyone should avoid going barefoot in public places – especially damp places. Keep your nails clean and neatly trimmed. And always get your nails done at a salon you trust. Plenty of women have left a cheap pedicure with more than just polish on their nails. (I see a lot of nail fungus among women who wear acrylics.)

It’s also important to let your feet breath to prevent many different problems. Wear flip flops around the house or go bare foot while it’s still warm. Also use those natural skin care tips year round to keep your toenails healthy and sexy.

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