Natural Skin Care Products and Your Diet

Most of us tend to ignore the fact that the health of our skin depends mostly on the health of our bodies. Using natural skin care products is very important when taking care of your skin, but you need to support your skin from the inside out if you want to have a radiant and glowing skin. We all know the drill when it comes to a healthy diet, but we don’t always follow it. We know we should be eating more fruits and vegetables and less fried foods, cakes and cookies. See what Dr. Lark has to say about our nation’s sugar addiction and how to support our skin and our body. For a full list of Dr. Lark’s natural skin care products click here .

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Healthy Natural Skin

What natural skin care ingredients you use ON your skin are important for the health and well-being of your skin.ᅠ

But what you eat can have a significant impact on your skin, as well. For instance, refined sugar in particular can exacerbate a host of skin problems, like acne. (And it doesn’t matter if you are in your reproductive years, premenopause, or menopause…all women get acne!) First, sugar prompts the secretion of androgens, hormones that cause oil glands to go into overdrive. Second, sugar causes an insulin response in the body, which leads to inflammation. When pores become blocked, then inflamed, bacteria get trapped under the skin, which leads to pimples and blackheads. This inflammatory response can also aggravate other conditions like rosacea and eczema.

So, along with taking skin-supportive nutrients, using the best natural skin care products on the market, and balancing your female hormones, give your kitchen pantry a major overhaul. Get rid of all refined carbohydrates and foods high in sugar, fat, and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Your diet should be overwhelmingly rich in vegetables and fruits (preferably organic), whole grains, raw nuts, legumes, occasional free-range poultry, and wild-caught fish like salmon, and mackerel.ᅠ

If you are trying to stick to a healthy diet, but having a lot of cravings, it may not be entirely your fault. Did you know that food manufactures add ingredients that are supposed to make you addicted and fat. The best way to control your cravings is to cook your food yourself. I know we’re all busy, but with a little bit of planning, you can prepare your meals quickly and easily. So, stay away from sugar, HFCS, MSG, food colorings and preservatives, processed and fried foods and also partially hydrogenated oils. Your skin will show improvement and as a side effect you might also loose some weight.

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